We love the changes in season at the farm.

2018 has been a year for renovation and rebuilding at Victory Acres Farm. To accomplish our mission and vision of creating a place of exceptional hospitality and healing, we needed to take a step back. Here is just some of what we’ve been working on lately:
++ We have completed over half of the farm house roof using volunteers and donated materials.
++ We installed new electrical service to the barn areas. At the same time, we are creating an area for RVs and seasonal housing. (We hope to have that completed by spring 2019.)
++ We renovated, rewired, and insulated the garage area to serve as a community gathering space and possible future farm store expansion area.
++ We eliminated the old tile drains from the farm house, replacing them with PVC.
++ We liquidated much of our old, worn-out equipment.We sold off all cattle and removed fencing that was beyond repair.
++ We hauled off several tons of scrap metal.

 But we aren’t done! Here are our next steps:

++ Prepare 3-4 rustic camping sites where we can host more guests at the farm. We want hospitality to be a principle part of our ministry, and this is an inexpensive place to start.
++ Complete four RV spaces with water and electrical service for seasonal guests to enjoy the farm.
++ Grow our farm store by adding more items and an online retail component to market more of what we will be growing and making.
++ Re-fence an area where we can pasture a new stock of beef cattle.

While we plan that our hospitality will include individuals and families from the inner city, we want to be ready for whomever God may send our way. In October, God sent some guests who had been living out of their RV for the past year and a half. The campground where they wintered last year, closed at the end of October. They asked if we would consider letting them stay at the farm. We scrambled to make space for them, and while it is not ideal for them, they are making it work. They have become new neighbors, pitching in and helping where they can. We are glad to have them, and they are glad for a place to call home. As we have more spaces available, we look forward to adding more neighbors to our Victory Acres community.

Thank you for your support for Victory Acres across the years. While we are not yet where we want to be, we are on the journey, and God is leading us. Thanks for walking with us through this time of transition. We are prayerfully moving forward, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you!

All the best,

Eric Himelick, Executive Director
Victory Acres Farm,  a division of 
Victory Inner-city Ministries, Inc.
5311 S. 800 E.
Upland, IN 46989
(765) 997-8448

Winter at the farm
The new farmhouse roof

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