What’s in a Dozen Eggs?

The chickens at Victory Acres live a very happy and productive life. Our Rhode Island Red hens spend their days happily eating bugs and going wherever they please. They have fresh water and plenty of feed, but they never receive any hormones or antibiotics added to their diet.

Each night we put them to be bed with soft music and a bedtime story…  Ok, so that part may be stretching it, but we do make sure that the hen house is secure from predators each evening after they have roosted. The eggs are collected daily, washed by hand, and placed into recycled eggs cartons before they find their way into the Victory Acres Farm Store refrigerator.

When you dig into the price of feed and the care involved in making those eggs available, you realize it’s not for the money. So what is really in a dozen eggs?

A whole lot of love.

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