What is available at Victory Acres Farm Store?

It is a question I get asked a lot! The answer changes from week to week, but here is what we have right now.

Delicious Summer Squash  – $1.50/lb

Cucumbers – $3/lb for pickling and $2/lb for slicing

Zucchini – $1.50/lb

Homemade Blackberry Jelly – $8 for a large jar and $5 for a small jar.

Tomatoes (Red and green)  – $2.00/lb

Fresh Herbs (Mint, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, and Parsley) – $1.50/bag

Peppers – (sweet and hot)  4 for $1

Hard-neck, Romanian Red Garlic – 2 bulbs for $1

NEW!!! Refrigerator Pickles – $4.00/jar

Pastured-pork Sausage (Mild Italian, Country style, Salt and Pepper or Maple flavored) – $5/lb

Grass-fed Ground Beef – $6/lb.

Pastured Poultry (various cuts, priced as marked)

Our self-serve farm store is open six days a week, and we hope you’ll stop by! There are some things we don’t have anymore (like eggs.) The local coyote population is still talking about our famous chicken dinners, but the restaurant is now closed. We hope to get some more chickens someday, but that’s also a question I get asked a lot! Our blackberries are not as prolific as they once were, and we’re not quite sure why. To everyone who would love to buy some of those, I’m sorry. You’ll have content yourselves with our blackberry jelly instead. We have pruned and reworked the patch this year, and we are hoping for better things next year.

Running a farm is a lot of work, and we are very thankful to all of the volunteers who have come by each Thursday on our “Volunteer Days” to support our efforts this year. Our all volunteer team has done an amazing job given the challenges of this year!

Thanks to all of you who have taken your time to come by the farm store and put your money where your mouth is. Buying local takes a little extra effort. We get that, and we want you to know that we appreciate your support.

If we can be of service to you, please let us know.


Eric Himelick, Executive Director
Victory Acres Farm
5311 S 800 E
Upland, IN 46989
(765) 997-8448

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