The adjustment to Victory Acres’ primary mission and vision continues. While we continue to welcome people in crisis, we increasingly believe that God wants to use Victory Acres to equip a new generation of Christian learner-leaders who will engage in God’s global mission.

Learning from our experiences training 70+ agricultural apprentices and interns over the past 15 years, we are now sharing the farm with another generation of leaders. We call it the Nehemiah Discipleship Program.

In early May over 80 people including several families joined us for our second NDPx or Nehemiah Discipleship Program Experience. There were four main components of our program:

We had three main manual work projects that provided. We built trails to the prayer chapel and pavillion. Our agriculture crew created new raised beds, and planted and weeded. Another crew removed a fence and cleared brush from the old fencerow. It was hard work, and it was amazing to see the progress that was made in just two days of work!

Life skills 
We had craftsman and professionals proficient in several different trades to share their skills and expertise through hands-on learning opportunities. The young people learned such valuable and diverse skills as locksmithing, videography, and noodle making.

Reading and Bible Engagement
Each day included prayer and devotional times as well as reading and discussing the book Help from the Little Red Hen by Dr. Stephen Gibson.

Spiritual Friendships
We believe that developing healthy friendships is essential to developing disciples. Bringing together a group of young people who are focused on being authentic disciples of Jesus Christ is a powerful force for good, and the friendships developing here will have reverberating results for years to come.

Next Steps
While we have hosted two major events in the past two months, we are not finished. We are working to develop Victory Acres as a place for training and discipleship by building the housing options necessary to accommodate more guests.

We are still raising good food. Absolutely! We have a ready supply of fresh farm eggs available in our farm store. We will soon be harvesting and selling our naturally grown garlic as well. We are working to rebuild and add more greenhouse space for winter vegetable production, and we will have seasonal vegetables available as well.

We have welcomed 6 more long-term guests to the farm coming out of various life issues and crisis over the past few months, and we will continue to help where we can.

It was 15 years ago that Victory Acres began. I came from Indianapolis, walked the farm, prayed, and dreamed about what might be. God has brought us a long way in these past 15 years, and He has used people like you to make that dream a reality. THANK YOU! We could never have made it this far without friends like you, and we look forward to seeing where God takes us in this new season.

Friendships like these are priceless. NDP brought together young people from six different states and a variety of backgrounds.
Turning logs into lumber (that we later turned into a bridge) is just one of the things that we did at NDP this year.
Our videography team documented the work and learned from our professional videographer, Jared Powell (Cabin14films) on how to use what you have to tell a compelling story.
Dorcas Hallam worked with our “little people,” providing instruction, work projects on their level, and stories while on teaching our youth children’s team.
They enjoyed the beauty of the farm while building fast friendships. It was a special time!

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