Our Agricultural Principles

These are the principles that guide they way we farm at Victory Acres.

Open Door

Anyone is welcome to visit the farm, anytime (except Sundays, our day of rest).


Our livestock is moved frequently to new "salad bars," offering nutritional superiority and practical stewardship.

Nature’s Template

Living out biblical creation stewardship involves mimicking natural patterns on a commercial domestic scale that insures moral and ethical boundaries to human cleverness. Vegetables are rotated, cover crops planted, and fallow fields are in place every year. Cows are naturally herbivores, not omnivores, so our cows are strictly vegetarian diners. Pigs were created with a plow on the end of their nose, and we let them use it!

Healthy Soil

Sustainable farming does not exist without living, vibrant soil. We try to ensure our soil contains lots of earthworms and trillions of happy soil fauna with our growing methods. Any farmer knows that soil is really what we are farming., because abundant soil fauna and a rich soil create good food.

Local Community

We are a social enterprise, which involves building relationships. One way we do this is by staying local. We do not ship food beyond our 100 mile bio-region radius. We encourage our customers to become involved by volunteering at Victory Acres, and by coming to our farm events. Everyone is able to help at the farm, from kids to retired folks!

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