What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique model of local agriculture that began in Japan over 30 years ago, when a group of women were concerned about the amount of ...

Why should I join Victory Acres CSA?

A CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay an annual membership fee to cover the production costs of the farm...

How do I join Victory Acres?

You can participate in Victory Acres Farm in a variety of ways. 1. Print, fill out and submit the Victory Acres CSA Membership Form via mail: click here. 2. Fill out and subm...

  • What is a CSA?

  • Why should I join Victory Acres CSA?

  • How do I join Victory Acres?

Eating with the Fullest Pleasure PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 08:32

CSA Membership: More than good food

"Eating with the fullest pleasure –pleasure, that is, that does not depend on ignorance –is perhaps the profoundest enactment of our connection with the world.  In this pleasure we experience and celebrate our dependence and gratitude, for we are living from mystery, from creatures we did not make and powers we cannot comprehend." - Wendell Berry

In the past nine seasons we have harvested over 55 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables at Victory Acres. That's a lot of food! You have lots of options when it comes to where you spend your food dollars. So what differentiates Victory Acres CSA from the organic section of your local grocery store?

Our CSA members have a chance to really know their farmer. They know where their food is raised and how hard their farmer works to bring them that great food.


If you haven't signed up yet, it's time. Print off the 2015 CSA application. Fill it out, and send it back with your deposit to:

Victory Acres
5311 S. 800 E.
Upland, IN 46989

Help us spread the word. The best advertising we have is word of mouth. Help us get a new member (someone who wasn't a member last year), and we will give you BOTH a $10 gift certificate towards farm store merchandise. That's right - $10 for you AND $10 for your friend just for signing up to be a member!*

Membership in our CSA is not just about the food that you receive; it is about so much more.

For the Farm,
Eric Himelick, Executive Director

Another Year is Here! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 March 2015 19:28

It's hard to believe it, but we are kicking off our 10th growing season at Victory Acres!  God has given us an amazing 55 tons of vegetables over the past nine seasons, providing healthy, abundant, vibrant food to over 400 different CSA members and their families.  Over 2,000 people have been blessed by being a part of Victory Acres in one way or another.  That's a lot of blessing!

It was made possible because of God's blessings and members like you. We are so thankful for that. We started counting our blessings, and here's even more ...

Over 9 calves are fattening up and 9 pigs (with more calves and piglets to be born this spring) ... so YOU can fill your freezer with delicious, all natural, farm-raised pork and beef. Lean hamburger, steaks and breakfast sausage in several flavors. Amazing!
Over 20 dozen eggs per week are layed so that YOU can have the best eggs anywhere!  Tasty!
The bees have been very busy filling their bee hives that you helped to establish this past year. Natural local honey tastes great and it's good for what ails you.
Maple Syrup
Because of our partnership with Fellowship Farm in Garden, MI, you are able to enjoy 100% maple syrup that is healthy and tastes great. Available year round!
You have been able to enjoy over 35 varieties of Certified Naturally Grown veggies over the past nine years, and you, our members have received virtually all 55 TONS of that healthy harvest! What a blessing!
Because of you, our donors and farm developers, fruit trees, blackberries and raspberries, and other tasty perennial fruits have been added for you to enjoy. With Pears, Asian Pears, Apples, Cherries, and Peaches just around the corner, there's soon going to be a lot more bounty to share!

You: Without you, none of this exists. We know that.

We are truly blessed to have you as a member of our Victory Acres' Community Supported Agriculture family. We thank God for you and your support across the years.

Won't you join us in thanking God for the blessings of Victory Acres? It's such a blessing to have CSA members like you!

In Christian Love,

Eric Himelick
Victory Acres Farm
5311 S. 800 E.
Upland, IN 46989
(765) 998-2590

P.S.  If you haven't had a chance to join the Victory Acres CSA, please complete the CSA application and mail it to Victory Acres Farm.  Or you can call us at (765) 998-2590.

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