People gather on the farm

Victory Acres Farm

A place for hospitality, healing, and discipleship in Upland IN.

Do you feel stuck?

We welcome you as we would welcome Jesus.

In a world of constant noise and stimulation, it's easy to feel tired, frustrated, and restless. Your needs and comfort matter to us. We welcome you to enjoy our farm which sits on over 114 acres of land in Upland, Indiana. The trails are yours to enjoy! The prayer chapel is open to you. Shop the farm store with its variety of delicious food. Let us cook you a homecooked, farm-fresh breakfast with ingredients from our farm. Please, make yourself at home.

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Welcome to Victory Acres!

Here's What We Value:

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Coming Home

In a world where many people no longer have a place to call home, we want to share ours. We hope that Victory Acres will become a visual reminder of all that home can mean. It is a place where the old ways are remembered, relearned, and passed on to a new generation.

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Care For the Land

Everything is grown organically with a view towards cultivating life at every level. While not certified organic, we have been practicing small-scale, sustainable agriculture since day one.

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Creating Space For God

We have a prayer chapel, trails for walking, and space for reflection. We devote whole days to prayer, and we believe in practicing sabbath for rest and renewal.

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Connecting People

Our farm is a connection point that brings together people from different backgrounds and points of view. College interns, former drug addicts, retired missionaries, fledgling farmers, and domestic violence survivors are all welcome at our farm.

Our History

Seven Generation Legacy

Executive director Eric Himelick recounts the rich history of Victory Acres Farm.

Team members

Current Leadership

Now Accepting Applications For

Nehemiah Discipleship Program 2024

Equipping young adults for Kingdom service through mentorship, purpose-driven work, and scripture engagement. Our program at Victory Acres is designed to train Christian leaders who will engage in God’s global mission. We want to bring together young people who are serious about discipleship.